Spread Design Love. It all begin in April 2008, a place to store an online collection of art, design, objects that inspire me in my own work and life. Since then, this gesture has kept me alive and focus.

Spread Design Love is a platform sharing beautiful design, a dose of inspiration that makes me smile and inspires me in any ordinary day. Being inspirational is a love evolved out of passion. A getaway for me to be giving and to intrigue the senses of others.

I believe in sharing & looking at beautiful things. More to come, I am nearing my dream every single day. A step at a time. I hope you will witness my growth.

In July 2010 I began the development my first photography album "all around", I can't wait for more changes, thus, it will improve as I go along. Keep me in loop and linger around. I hope you like it here. 

Be nice, be good.